About Us

Charming and elegant style villa, Retreat Hotels Nathiagali is everything you need. Mountains, beautiful landscapes and gardens - this place has it all.

A new type of luxury

Since 1998

For over two decades, Retreat Hotels has been synonymous with warmth, comfort, and personalized service. From the moment you step into our welcoming retreat, you become part of a legacy built on a commitment to excellence.

Chic Dining
Pet friendly
Fast wifi
24H Chekin
Free parking
Talise Spa
Fast wifi
Talise Spa

Сlearly a high-end property, but not at all pricey with it. It’s chic, and very well done, but it felt down to earth as well. It all went brilliantly.

Summer Retreat

Cool off in the embrace of nature at Retreat Hotels Nathiagali's Summer Retreat—where lush greenery meets warm hospitality for the perfect seasonal escape.


Green Retreat

Discover eco-friendly tranquility at Retreat Hotels Nathiagali's Green Retreat, where sustainability and serenity harmonize amidst the verdant hills.